Guest Information

  • Dress Code
    • Members, their family and guests are expected to be neat, well groomed and properly attired in the Clubhouse and on the Club grounds. Gentlemen, of all ages are expected to remove their hats while in the Clubhouse. Responsibility rests with the member.

      Acceptable Dining Attire: Members and guests having dinner in the Dining Room are expected to wear appropriate attire. Jackets are preferred for gentlemen. The Grill is open for lunch and most dinners and acceptable sports attire and casual attire may be worn there.

      Acceptable Golf/Range Attire:
      Men must wear appropriate attire including accepted shoes (soft spikes), shirts with sleeves and a collar, appropriate golf shorts or slacks. Ladies must wear accepted shoes (soft spikes), golf skirts, slacks or shorts and shirts (blouses) with either sleeves or collar or both.

      Acceptable Tennis Attire: Recognized tennis attire of which 50% must be white (either shirt or shorts/skirt); men's shirts must have a collar and sleeves.

      Unacceptable Attire on Dorset Field Club Grounds April (opening day) through end of October:
      Jeans or denim apparel, T-shirts (excluding children under five), tank tops, swimming trunks, running, "pull-on" (except appropriate Tennis attire) or cargo pants/shorts, unsightly clothing or bare feet. Shirts with tails must be tucked in. Hats must be worn with brims forward.

  • Tipping Policy
    • No member or visitor shall, under any circumstance, promise or give any fee or gratuity to any employee of the Club.

  • Electronic Device Policy
    • Silent use of cellphones, tablets, and laptop computers is permitted in the clubhouse and on club grounds. Conversing on an electronic device is allowed in the locker rooms, restrooms, and parking areas or in personal automobiles in the parking lot. Cell phones used as GPS devices for golf play are permitted on the golf course. Cell phones may be used for emergency use at any time on the premises.

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