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 2016 Fall Update 

Please see the "Project News" tab for updated information. 

David J. Berard, CGCS  802 867-5906          

 About Us Overview 
 Active 50+ Years of Membership 

Members with 50+ years of membership at the Dorset Field Club were honored at the Autumn Cocktail Party.

Honorees: Sig Buchmayr, June Davis,
Hanse Halligan, Carol Jaffe, Jeanne Little,
Arianna Lynch, Jean Miller, William Miller,
Mike Powers, Barbara Reed,
Herman & Catherine Ruegger, Judy Taylor and Bubsy Tuttle.

Bubsy Tuttle

Click on 'read more' for additional photos of the event.

 At 128 years of age, 

the Dorset Field Club is almost as durable as the
mountains that surround it.


Its golf course has been in continuous play longer than any
other in the United States, a distinction noted on a roadside historical marker not
far from the 9th green. Photographs of players on the Dorsetlinks, taken in 1890, are on
display at the Arnold Palmer Center for Golf History in Far Hills, New Jersey.

The course was nine holes then. It is a full and challenging 18 holes now.
Membership in those early days consisted of slightly more than a dozen avid golfers,
most of them residents of nearby Troy, New York.
Then, as now, Dorset was a place with many “summer people”.

While the club has grown in membership and expanded in size and amenities, its character
remains essentially unchanged. It is a place where its 400 members enjoy leisure
activities in a Vermont spirit of conviviality and openness. The membership is made up
of both seasonal and year-round residents.

In the Spring, the Field Club comes to life with activity resuming on the golf course and the seven tennis courts as well as in the pro-shop, the dining room, the grill room and the bar. During the busy summer season, the golf and tennis professionals conduct clinics, schools, private and group lessons. Members compete in tournaments, hat draw events and nine & dine evenings. There is also a bridge group that meets on alternate weeks. The summer peaks with the July 4th family picnic. In the Fall, Vermont’s signature season, the club holds the annual Flaming Maple tournament, a tradition going back over 40 years. In late fall, the club officially closes for the year while a spirited group of club members gears up for a winter of paddle tennis on the club’s 3 heated paddle courts with its adjacent warming hut. The Dorset Field Club is a welcoming destination for its members in all months of the year! 


The Dorset Field Club is a private, member owned non-profit organization, administered by a group of managers who are overseen by a 12 member Board of Governors elected by the membership.

The Dorset Field Club offers four levels of membership, All Privilege, Racquets, Social and Junior each with its own initiation fee and dues structure. Information about each category, and the process for applying for membership, is available by request from the Membership Services office.


 Dorset Field Club 
 Dorset Field Club 
Dorset Field Club
132 Church Street
P.O. Box 368
Dorset, VT  05251

Map & Directions

Administration Office
(802) 867-4002
Fax: (802) 867-9953

(802) 867-5553

Golf Pro Shop
(802) 867-5766

Greens Maintenance Building
(802) 867-5906

Member Services
(802) 867-2224

Tennis Pro Shop
Phone: (802) 867-2233



 Dorset Field Club 
Exceptional sporting and social experiences since 1886
 Golf Overview 

The golf program at the Dorset Field Club has PGA golf professionals that will custom design a program that best suits your needs. There are many events throughout the season from weekly golf clinics that cover all aspects of the game, for men & women. Whether you are a beginner or a highly skilled player, we are dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled golf experience each time you step onto the golf course

Juniors may participate in golf clinics and golf schools designed for them throughout the summer.

The golf course is consistently maintained in the highest quality condition by our professional grounds crew.

 Golf Rules & Regulations 
 Guest Information 
 History of the Dorset Field Club 

Any telling of the history of the Dorset Field Club requires a brief review of Vermont and Dorset history since they are inextricably linked.

 History Overview 
 Membership Overview 
 Paddle Tennis Overview 
 Racquet Sports Rules & Regulations 
 Racquets Overview 

The Dorset Field Club boasts 7 Red Clay Tennis Courts offering both a variety of Adult and Children's Tennis programs. There are weekly Tennis Clinics for Men & Women. If you would like to improve your game through private instruction the Director of Tennis is available.

There are Junior Tennis programs that include instruction designed specifically for individual levels of play. Whatever your age, whatever your game, there’s a clinic, tournament, lesson, or event for you every day at the Dorset Field Club. The Pro Shop can keep you outfitted with the best equipment for your game


Platform (Paddle) Tennis

Paddle continues to increase in popularity and Dorset Field Club boasts 3 lighted paddle courts and a warming hut. With its popularity growing the club has added clinics and private lessons to the already active casual play, tournaments and our annual New Years Eve Paddle Celebration. Platform Tennis begins in the fall and continues through April with tournaments and clinics scheduled throughout the winter months.


 Tee Times Button 
 Tennis Overview 

Tennis players of all levels enjoy the atmosphere and depth of the Dorset Field Club tennis program. Members enjoy seven clay courts, a pro shop, and an enthusiastic Director of Tennis, Steve Dahm. Steve is an excellent teacher for students of all ages and levels! Tournaments and clinics are well attended and open play is always welcome.

 Dress Code 
 Family All-Privilege 

The 6th Annual Jay Hathaway Memorial Paddle Fun Day and Chili Cook-off will be taking place this Sat. Dec. 3rd. The event begins at 10 and goes until it goes — usually around 2 or 3. Free coffee and donuts will be on hand. It’s an open fun event where our members come together and just mix up the teams, play with different partners and have a great day. The chili cook-off, perhaps the most competitive aspect of the day is open to all chefs! The last few years have been “hotly” contested with a couple of repeat wins by paddle Chair Paul Wheeler, who Steve “Gumbo” Holman claims was using endangered species in his recipe. Bill “The Hall of Famer” Childs has been caught buying votes and putting red ribbons on his crock-pot. It’s a winner takes all kind of bare-knuckled kitchen brawl and this year promises to be the best year ever. So sign up now, and start cooking so your chili is just right for Saturday’s cook-off. Winner get his or her name on our very fine Chili Plaque! 

Jay Hathaway for those that might have known him, was a permanent fixture around Dorset. He was the unofficial mayor of Dorset and a great advocate for paddle. He was largely responsible for building our 3rd court and his name can be found on the Championship board. He was loved by all and we like to honor his memory with our little event. As he would often say, “How cool is that!” 

This year’s event will be dedicated to the memory of John Pless and Charlie Ams. 

Sign up now — and hope to see you on Sat. 

Also a reminder that Monday December 5th we will be hosting another paddle clinic with Pro Rob Parker. Register by Clicking Here — and they sell out fast. 

And remember, paddle players always have more fun! 

 Pavilion Update December 2016 
Click here to view the Pavilion updates December 2016
 Slideshow Slide 1 
 Tennis In The Mountains 

This view of the clubhouse and tennis courts is from the year 1896. The game is busier these days but the scenery has barely changed.

 View from the Paddle Courts 

Well finally the season we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. PADDLE SEASON. It’s about time! We’ve had to put up with gorgeous summer days, great golf, fabulous tennis, fun on the deck, 130th gala affairs and socializing with friends long enough. Now finally the real activity of the DFC kicks in for all you hardy, gnarly, down and dirty paddle wielding die-hards! The nights are cool and getting colder and folks have been flocking back to the courts already. The heart and soul of DFC is back in action! 

As you can plainly see, the lower campus is under construction. To make a long story short — after months of permitting delays with the State and much hard work from many good people on our team, we’ve been cleared to begin construction. Rather than raise your hopes and make false promises (since we all know what it’s like to build in Vermont in the winter) suffice to say, we expect to have our Pavilion in place and ready for action in early 2017 — perhaps ready for the Championships or earlier! 

But hey, we love our old familiar hut and as you can also see, it’s back in almost it’s original location. So the good news is we’ll have one more year to lavish (or languish) in our familiar digs and relish the smell of sweat, sneakers, beer and pot luck suppers. And, the old hut will have a chance for a victory lap before it’s finally retired.  

The lights are on, the heaters work, the courts were power washed and the season is upon us. There are balls in the hut to buy - please note your name and account number if you take a sleeve. A new calendar is in place for this season with a lot of new events and activities and of course our standard events. 

There are more paddle players than ever before chomping at the bit and stomping their paddle shoes like racehorses in the gate, ready to play — so let’s be sure to practice good paddle citizenship. Remember to sign up when you play. Remember to sign your guests in when you play. Be considerate of teams waiting to play and respect the one set rule if there is a foursome in the hut. And of course if you don’t finish your six pack - leave it in the frig! 

Opening Day is officially Sat Oct. 15th. The customary festivities will be in place. Open play for everyone and lunch for the incredibly low price of $15. Click Here to register. It’s a great way to meet the new club members and paddle players and re-connect with your regulars. 

Rob Parker our “Pro” will be offering clinics again this year and the first one is coming up on October 22nd — so if you need a little tune up to get the rust out of your game and knock the cobwebs off your serve — be sure to sign up for Rob’s Pre Season Clinic. Click Here to register. 

We have an amazing paddle community at DFC and every year gets better and better. We also have an incredible paddle committee that makes things work: Paul Wheeler + Joel Iannuzzi--Chairs, Deb Moser, Jon Ams, Susan Romano, Bill Childs, Steve Holman, Mary Rita Manley, Marie Garay & Paul McClutchy. If you see them — thank them, shower them with compliments, buy them drinks and dinner — they are all shameless paddle addicts! 

Let’s make this the best season yet and help make the case for the 4th court now!  

Remember paddle players have more fun! 

The Paddle Committee 

 Court Reservations Button 
 Original 6th tee 

Ransom Gillette, one of the founders of the Dorset Field Club, admires his handiwork from the original 6th tee. It is still a fine view, in the 125th year of the club’s history.

 Single All-Privilege 
 Slideshow Slide 2 
 Tipping Policy 
 1st Golf Club 

Left: Joe & Margaret Harrington, George Harrison, who brought the first club to Dorset.
Right: Elizabeth Prentiss Whittimore standing by the tennis court.


On behalf of the Dorset Field Club, I would like to wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Patrick McGuire 


Upcoming Events


January 6th will be the launch of our Winter Pub Fare at the Clubhouse.   The Clubhouse will be open Friday from 5:00-8:00 pm & Saturday & Sunday from noon to 8:00 pm. 
Click here to view the menus.




Complimentary 130th Anniversary books are still available in the Club administrative offices. One book per membership please.











 Electronic Device Policy 
 Family Racquets 
 Golf Highlights 

Snow –  For updates about skiing, grooming, golf course conditions, etc., please see the Club website.  David Berard and his team do a terrific job of keeping it up-to-date and informative.  


Golf Shop Information – I am pleased to be staying in Vermont for the winter (except for a couple of trips), and will be keeping the Golf Shop open some during the holiday shopping season.  Starting this Saturday, November 26th, we will be open each Saturday and Sunday through December 18th from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.  Additionally, we will be open Tuesday through Sunday, December 13th through December 18th with extended hours.  We will be spending more time here as well, and if you’d like to know if we are around, or set up a time to meet and shop, feel free to call my cell phone at 802-430-2932.  Please note that all clothing is between 20 and 40 percent off, and we will be happy to wrap your purchases for you as well!


OpenRounds– With the off-season seemingly upon us, I want to encourage you to go to the Club website and read about OpenRounds as an option when you travel.  There are details about how to register there, and this is a great tool to help you play some private golf courses in different parts of the country while on vacation.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this opportunity or if I may be of service in any other way.






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 Gathering For Golf 

In 1898, several members posed for this shot on what is now the 8th tee. The course has changed in many ways since then but not in character.

 Single Racquets 
 Slideshow Slide 4 
 Present-day 3rd Hole 

Two Members playing the present-day 3rd hole, close to 8 years to the date when the hole was first open for play, following the construction of the new nine holes in 1997-1998.

 Slideshow Slide 5 
 18th Hole 

Approaching the clubhouse from the 18th fairway. The 18th hole was the original 9th hole with the exception of the green, the original green is now the putting green.

 Slideshow Slide 6 
 Slideshow Slide 7 
 Golf Course Conditions 

December, 2016.  With the cold temperatures, our labors have moved inside and we have begun the long task of equipment maintenance.  Every piece of equipment is brought into the shop for a thorough inspection, maintenance, repair and for the mowers, sharpening. 

After last weekend's snow storm, we were ready to groom the cross country trails.  Rain all day Sunday changed that rather quickly. 

 Court Conditions 

November, 2016.